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General Information

REFLEX is the aluminium open cell ceiling system developed on a new concept.
Thanks to its “V” parabolic shape profiles and the material employed (anti-iridescent semi-specular, anodised aluminium), REFLEX is ideal for settings requiring a high light intensity, like rooms equipped with video terminals, showrooms, shops, banks, etc.


REFLEX ensures a ceiling system with high quality lighting technology and great architectural effect.


REFLEX features 800x800 or 1200x600 mm modular panels, made of “V” profiles 30 mm high, which suitably assembled form a square cell. Standard cell size 50x50 mm. Height 30 mm. Upon request, special modules and cell sizes are available.


The REFLEX blades are made by BENDING SYSTEM, which gives:
the accuracy of profiles, more square edges and blades perfectly straight.

REFLEX is usually supplied in anti-iridescent semi- specular anodised aluminium or gold finish. REFLEX - LIGHTING SYSTEM
REFLEX excludes any glare, both direct and indirect.
The special paraboliticity of the grill prevents the direct glare and the reflection of lighting on the cei- ling surface.
Thanks to its lighting technology, REFLEX has the double effect of a diffuser for artificial lighting and a diffuser for natural light, with energy saving thanks.

REFLEX is always supplied assembled.

CEIR open cell ceilings are classified incombustible in compliance with international standards.


Reflex Details

No                   components per sq.m.                                                       Unit                                                            Panel 800x800

1                       R001 rod                                                                             pc                                                                      0,95

2                      R002 spring                                                                      pc                                                                      0,95

4                     R043 "T" profile                                                              lm                                                                       1,20

3                       R003 hook                                                                       pc                                                                       0,95

No files uploaded for this product

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DWG                                       PDF


Bandraster 75mm - PDF

Bandraster 50mm - PDF

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  DOC                            XLSX                                PDF


REFLEX is suspended from a concealed suspen- sion system giving a trackless appearance. The concealed Reflex system, by which the panels are installed on extruded aluminium T-profiles, allows for easy and fast placement or removal of the panels. REFLEX can also be suspended from the concea- led Delta suspension system, demountable from below. In this case the standard module is 1200x600 mm.

Deckon Bandraster Ds En

Assembled panels

0,40 mm. th. aluminium

"V" ve h:30 mm

50x50 mm.

800x800 mm
1200x600 mm


concealedReflexsystem by T-grids or Delta system

Supply form


Section blade

Cell size

Panel size




Reflext Datasheet - PDF

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PDF



Reflex Montage


7                     R046 connection bracket (reflex)                          adet                                                                     4,60

6                       splicer for “T” profile                                                    pc                                                                       0,22

5                      R044 suspension bracket                                          pc                                                                       0,95

Reflex Montage 2
Reflex Montage 3
Reflex Montage 4

Reflext Lighting Datasheet - PDF

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