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NORDIC is an international system house company, established to provide services to the exclusive buildings about aluminium solutions. NORDIC produces top quality aluminium systems for its clients. With its operations in Turkey, Spain and Germany, NORDIC is a multinational company. Designs of the products are made by a partnership with the world-famous consulting companies. From designing to the production and accordingly to the test results, the products are finalized after a long process of meticulous work. NORDIC presents solutions and products on the project basis as custom design.

NORDIC has a different vision and mission in this sector. The profession of NORDIC, is not only standard windows and facades, but to develop custom designs and solutions on each project. Thanks to this approach, NORDIC is offering most suitable and economic solutions for developers and architects’. This way, architectural dreams easily become real.

NORDIC has experienced team of professionals for custom design and solutions for any kind of project. The products and custom design solutions presented are all covered by warranty.

  • Project Quotation and Quotation Support Services

  • Recommendation for suitable systems , system selection

  • Detailed Solutions

  • Create system details

  • Create specifications

  • Consultancy

  • Application Project Support

  • Technical Calculations

  • Custom Design Details

  • Custom System Designs

  • New Systems & System Updates

  • Software Trainings

  • System Trainings

  • Manufacturing (Fabrication) Trainings


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