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General Information

TETRÁL s15 & s24 are the aluminium open cell cei- lings inspired in the classic wooden grid , made up of “U” shaped profiles with a width of 15 or 24 mm and height of 40/50 or 35 mm. Specifically designed to fit into standard 15 or 24 mm wide T-grids, they provide a trackless appea- rance of the ceiling.
TETRÁL s15 & s24 are high quality products for easiest placement and removal of the panels.

TETRÁL s15 & s24 mm feature 600x600 mm modular panels, made up of “U” shaped profiles with 15 and 24 mm base, which suitably coupled form a square cell, to be inserted in a frame.

Cell sizes from 60x60 mm up to 300x300 mm. Heights 30/40/50 mm (s15) and 35 mm (s24).

TETRÁL s15 & s24 blades are made by BENDING SYSTEM, which gives: the accuracy of profiles, more square edges and blades perfectly straight. TETRÁL s15 & s24 mm can be supplied either plain or perforated, to achieve aesthetic and acoustic requirements.

Hole ø 1,50 mm, 22% free opening, 3 mm pitch
Hole ø 2,50 mm, 19% free opening, 5 mm pitch.

A wide range of finishes either from pre-painted or post-painted aluminium is available, according to the RAL, NCS, PANTONE and SIKKENS colours.

TETRÁL s15 & s24 mm are usually supplied unas- sembled. It allows for easier packages and more economic transports. Upon request, the panels can also be supplied assembled.

CEIR open cell ceilings are classified incombustible in compliance with international standards.


Tetral S Details

No              components per sq.m.                                                          unit                                                                                   Panel

1                 T001 rod                                                                      adet                                                                            0,70

2               T002 hook                                                                    pc                                                                             0,70

4              T3600 main runner                                                 pc                                                                              0,23

3               T003 spring                                                                pc                                                                             0,70


Petek Tetral S - Model - PDF

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DWG                                       PDF


Bandraster 75mm - PDF

Bandraster 50mm - PDF

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  DOC                            XLSX                                PDF


The TETRÁL s15 & s24 mm are installed in the suspension grids formed by T-profiles, 15 or 24 mm wide, 3600, 1200 and 600 mm long. When the panel is laid into the suspension grid, the structure results fully integrated in the cell ceiling. The modular panels 600x600 mm are easily indivi- dually laid into and taken out of the standard T grid, by lifting them upwards for simple access to the plenum.

Deckon Bandraster Ds En

unassembled / assembled panels

0,40 mm. th. aluminium

"U" base, 15mm-24mm, ve h(s15): 30/40/50mm ile h(s24):35mm

..x.. mm.

600x600mm ve 1200x600mm


integrated suspension by T15 or T24 grid

Supply form


Section blade

Cell size

Panel size




6            T600 cross runner                                                  pc                                                                              1,38

5             T1200 cross runner                                               pc                                                                              1,38

6              T1200 cross runner                                               pc                                                                              1,38

Tetral S Details 2
Tetral S Details 3
Tetral S Details 4
Tetral S Details 5
Tetral S Details 6
Tetral S Details 7
Tetral S Details 8
Tetral S Details 9

Petek Tetral S - DWG

Tetral S Details 10

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PDF


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