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Rockfon Teknik Şartnameler VertiQ Duvar Paneli - Word

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VertiQ Details

Attractive yet strong and impact resistant, highly sound absorbent acoustic wall panels.VertiQ wall panels can improve and enhance room acoustics, when optimum acoustics cannot be provided by the ceiling itself or when the performance of the ceiling is insufficient to meet the desired regulations or performance levels. With an attractive, modern woven surface, VertiQ is an elegant wall panel that compliments the room architecture and fits well with the range of ROCKFON ceiling solutions. Its strong woven surface is available in four colours: white, light grey, grey and black. The woven surface ensures excellent impact resistance and durability making it ideal for use in classrooms, sport activity areas, offices, etc. VertiQ provides the highest performance in sound absorption and contributes to reducing reverberation time, meets desired regulation and creates excellent room acoustics. VertiQ is made of stone wool and provides excellent performances in terms of fire safety and humidity resistance.

Product Description:VertiQ is an acoustic wall solution made of a 40mm stone wool panel. The visible surface is covered with a woven fleece, which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish with an appealing moiré structure. The rear side is finished with a mineral glass fleece.
The edges of VertiQ C are painted.

Installation:The installation of VertiQ A wall panels can be achieved with: 1. System T (for standard impact resistance):
T24 38mm deep tees as intermediate profiles, J channels as perimeter trims and fixing brackets for direct fixing to the wall.2. System HAT (for high impact resistance): 1mm thick HAT profiles as perimeter and intermediate profiles. The installation of VertiQ C wall panels can be achieved with: 1. System Q (for standard impact resistance):
Aluminium perimeter profiles fastened to the wall with fixing brackets supporting panels along the bottom, aluminium corners and connection plates.

Acoustics – Sound Absorption
Sound absorption data has been measured in accordance with ISO 354.
Sound absorption data ap, aw and absorption class are calculated in accordance with ISO 11654.

Fire PerformanceGeneral
Rockfon products have a core of stone wool. Stone wool is noncombustible with a melting point of more than 1000°C.

Reaction to Fire
Class A2-s1,d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1.

Humidity Resistance And Dimensional Stability (Flexural Tensile Strength)
Rockfon Eclipse Islands are dimensionally stable even at humidity levels of up to 100% RH and can be installed at all temperatures ranging from 0ºC to 40°C.
Rockfon Eclipse is classified as class 2/C/0N in accordance with BS EN 13964.
VertiQ C in System Q can be used in swimming pools provided it is not exposed to condensation, splashing water or water droplets. For further details, please contact ROCKFON.
No acclimatisation is necessary.

Light Reflection
White 72% Light Grey 61% Grey 33% Black 5%. Diffuse light reflection in accordance with ISO 7724-2

The surface can be vacuum cleaned with a soft brush attachment.
Stone wool has no nutritional value and therefore it provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms.

Rockfon Teknik Şartnameler VertiQ Duvar Paneli - PDF

Rockfon VertiQ Datasheet - PDF

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