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Sonar dB44

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Sonar dB44 Details


Sonar dB 44 provides outstanding sound insulation as well as class A sound absorption with a micro-textured surface for areas where acoustic comfort is extremely important.
Sonar dB 44 is made of two sound absorbing layers of stone wool with a high-performance membrane in between. The first stone wool layer (30mm) absorbs sound from the room itself and with the high-performance membrane, it reduces the transmission of sound from room to room.
The stone wool layer on the back (20mm) absorbs sound in the ceiling void coming from adjacent rooms and the floor above. This ‘sandwich’ construction provides outstanding sound insulation as well as class A sound absorption that is necessary where confidentiality and acoustic comfort is very important. Sonar dB 44 has a subtly textured surface, is easy to cut, and with its light weight of 8.5 kg/m² is easy to install.

Acoustics – Sound Insulation
The “room-to-room” sound insulation properties of Sonar dB 44 have been measured in a laboratory and it can provide a Dn,f,w (C;Ctr) of 44 dB (-1;-7). The sound insulation value has been measured in accordance with ISO 10848-2. The overall sound insulation for a building depends on several construction elements such as walls, ceilings, sealants, connections and penetrations. The sound reduction index of Sonar dB 44 has been measured in a certified laboratory and can provide an Rw (C;Ctr) of 27 (-1;-4). The sound reduction index has been measured in accordance with [ISO 140-3].ACOUSTICS – SOUND ABSORPTION
Sound absorption has been measured in accordance with ISO 354. Sound absorption data ap, aw and absorption class are calculated in accordance with ISO 11654. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is calculated in accordance with ASTM C423.
The best sound absorption :
αw: 0.90 and NRC: 0.90

Fire Performance
Rockfon ceiling tiles have a core of stone wool. Stone wool is noncombustible with a melting point of more than 1000°C. 
Reaction to fire: 
Class A1 in accordance with EN 13501-1.
The fire resistant properties of stone wool ensure Rockfon ceiling tiles provide fire protection in construction. The fire protection properties of Rockfon ceilings have been tested and classified in accordance with European norm EN 13501-2 and/or national norms depending on requirements in national building codes.

Humidity Resistance And Dimensional Stability (Flexural Tensile Strength)
Rockfon ceiling tiles are dimensionally stable even at humidity levels of up to 100% RH and can be installed at all temperatures ranging from 0ºC to 40°C.
No acclimatisation is necessary.

Light Reflection
White, 85% diffuse light reflection in accordance with ISO 7724-2.

Thermal Conductivity
Sonar DB44 with a thickness equal to and exceeding 30 mm has been measured in
accordance with EN 12667 and has obtained the following value: λD = 40 mW/mK.
Thermal resistance: R = 1.25 m2 K/W.

The surface can be vacuum cleaned with a soft brush attachment.The surface can also be cleaned once a week using a sponge or cloth and warm water (max. 40°C) with a slightly alkaline detergent (max. pH 10) without alcohol, ammonia or chlorine. Cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth may render the surface slightly shinier and we therefore recommend cleaning the whole surface evenly for best results.

Stone wool has no nutritional value and therefore it provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms.

The tiles can be post factory treated with a re-finishing paint, e.g. a PVA water based latex paint. The paint should be applied with an airless spray in a low amount (no brushing or rolling). Rockfon advises the use of the smallest amount of paint in order to minimise reduction in sound absorption. The surface of the tiles must be clean and dry and the existing paint surface must be firmly adhered to the tile prior to refinishing.Heavily discoloured tiles should be replaced.Disclaimer: The application of refinishing paint will influence acoustic properties and fire safety performance. Rockfon takes no responsibility for these properties after treatment.

A representative selection of Rockfon products have been awarded the Danish Indoor Climate Label and the Finnish Indoor Climate Label (M1).SonarDB44 is recyclable.

Sonar DB DS - EN - PDF

Sonar DB Brochure - EN - PDF

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