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General Information

GRIGLIATI are the monoblade aluminium open cell ceilings, made of assembled strips to form square or rectangular cells. Their effect is highly decorative, allowing for an indi- rect diffusion of light.
The small cells make GRIGLIATI suitable for many applications, like covering air condition machinery, lift application, vertical mounting and decoration.
GRIGLIATI are mainly provided in 3 variations: QR1, QRi and QRs depending on the face of the cell pro- vided. QR1: the face is flat - QRi: the face is flat with incli- ned strips - QRs: the face is cubic. Upon request, special faces of cell are available.
GRIGLIATI feature 1200x600 mm modular panels, made up of aluminium strips, which suitably assem- bled form square cell with a dimension and height depending on application.
Cell sizes from 13x13 mm up to 150x150 mm. Heights from 13 mm up to 80 mm.
GRIGLIATI can be supplied either plain or perfora- ted, to achieve aesthetic and acoustic require- ments. Standard perforation patterns are as fol- lows:
hole ø 1,50 mm, 22% free opening, 3 mm pitch. hole ø 2,50 mm, 19% free opening, 5 mm pitch.
A wide range of finishes either from pre-painted or post-painted aluminium is available, according to the RAL, NCS, PANTONE and SIKKENS colours. Enamelled after assembly, GRIGLIATI are designed not to show uncoated edges.
GRIGLIATI are always supplied assembled.
CEIR open cell ceilings are classified incombustible in compliance with international standards.


Monoblade Details

No                  components per sq.m.                                                          Unit                                                             Panel 1200x600

1                  D001 suspension channel                                                 lm                                                                    0,80

2                    coupler                                                                                   pc                                                                     0,28

4                       D004 rod                                                                           pc                                                                      0,80

3                          D003 spring                                                                   pc                                                                      5,56

No files uploaded for this product

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           DWG                                       PDF


Bandraster 75mm - PDF

Bandraster 50mm - PDF

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  DOC                            XLSX                                PDF


The modular panels, 1200x600 mm, are suspen- ded from the concealed GRILL Suspension System, available in two versions: system “A” (lay in concealed on grids of type T16) or “B” (hanged to concealed tube placed above the ceiling). The concealed GRILL Suspension Systems allow for easy and fast placement or removal of the panels. The panels can also be installed on the standard grids of type T15 or T24 (“lay-in” or “lay-on”).

Deckon Bandraster Ds En

Assembled panels

0,50-0,80 mm. th. aluminium

..x.. mm.



Concealed system "A" ve "B", or to lay-in/on T15 or T24 grid

Supply form


Cell size

Panel size



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Monoblade Details 3
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Monoblade Datasheet - PDF

File Name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PDF



Monoblade Details 7


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