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Gustafs of Sweden is a unique, fire-retardant, acoustic wall and ceiling cladding system manufacturer having more than 70 years experience in working with wood. The Gustafs Panel System® is the result of a continuous research programme to establish the aesthetic, fire and acoustic requirements for different types of buildings which require high levels of aesthetics, acoustic control, fire-retardance, quick installationand strong environmental credentials. High fire rating coupled with a variety of acoustic patterns make them ideal for spaces such as lecture theatres, airports, etc.

A wall or a ceiling clad in wood immediately provides the room with a classic exclusive appearance. It is this tradition and the modern building process that are the driving forces behindthe development of Gustafs Panel System®. We can offer you a solution that combines fire protection and variable acoustic properties with the aesthetical charm of a wood surface. Gustafs can offer a wide range of surfaces, surface finishes and accessories. These elements createthe essence of the Gustafs Panel System while increasing its creative possibilities and function. The Gustafs Panels System is well documented and the many reference projects throughout Europe and Asia are testimony to our woodworking experience and project manufacturing. Thanks to the development of Gustafs Capax profile system simple and secure installations can be provided well tuned to today’s rapid building processes.

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