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General Information

Bandraster 75mm - PDF

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Deckon Bandraster Ds En


Product: Lightweight mirror films with a self supporting aluminium frame
Film thickness: 30 µm
Shape: Customized, square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal or in special shapes (round).
Weight: 2 kg per square meter
Frame invisible 
Back surface: covered with a 0.5 mm thick protective plate made of polystyrene (optional)
circular cutouts possible into the foil from a diameter of 5 mm to 500 mm (no distortion around the cutout)
Portable wheeled stands are the customised solution for even more flexible application possibilities.

length: between 300 - 13 000 mm produced in the workshop; length from 13001 mm up to any length produced directly at the customer’s place, on the spot
width: 300 - 2850 mm

alluVial projection mirrors are ideal for the use in the application areas:
AV and rear projectors
DLP, LCD and 3D projectors
Double projections
theatre mirrors | theatre construction
stage construction
as effective privacy protection
effective mirroring for monitoring solutions.

The advantages in comparison to glass mirrors are clear:
significantly reduced weight
reduced installation effort
reduced price
comparable quality to the highest quality surface glass
completely free of colour strips, distortions and double images
absolutely break-proof
All projection mirrors by alluVial are tested using the latest 3-chip DLP projectors with a minimum of 2000 ANSI-Lumen. These are delivered in compliance with the highest quality standards and a guarantee of their suitability for use in rear projection.


Repairing distortions, dints, tears

Should the mirror surface of the lightweight mirror or foil mirror show a distortion or dint after the application of strong pressure, this damage can be repaired by using an industrial dryer
Set the dryer to medium heat
Hold it about 10 to 15 cm away from the damaged spot
The dryer must never be held at one position; it should rather be moved back and forth.
This method can be compared with hair-drying. At first, the mirror foil will display more ridges, which, however, will immediately contract as soon as you put the dryer aside.

Should the mirror foil tear by mistake, the damage can be repaired without any problem using an adhesive mirror tape available at alluVial. However, even if this is not done immediately, the tear will not enlarge. Moreover, the basic tension of the rest of the mirror remains intact.

In case of irreparable damages to the reflective foil, the frame needs to be covered again at our plant.

Lightweight mirrors
Under normal circumstances, alluVial lightweight mirrors and foil mirrors do not require any maintenance and cleaning work at all. However, if they are subjected to high levels of load, they can be restored to a high-polish finish quickly and easily.
If cleaning is necessary as the result of cigarette smoke or exhaust gas deposits, please read the following instructions:
-Use a simple microfibre cloth and distilled water
-The cloth should be dripping wet in case of heavy soiling
-For larger areas, a telescopic pole with a wiping head can be used
-Never use circular movements to wipe over the mirror surface, instead move up-and-down in strips and then simply leave the remaining moisture to dry
-It is recommended to place a large towel or paper towel under the mirror to catch the water during cleaning

Lightweight mirrors
AlluVial lightweight mirrors are delivered protected by a PU-protective cover on the mirror side, including assembly gloves, in a transport carton.

Please use soft working gloves or rubber disposable gloves for the installation. Be sure not to use sharp objects when unpacking the protective cover.
Due to the hollow profile you have the possibility to attach various frames to the back or the side of the mirror.
To install simple ceiling or wall installations mirror magnets are used which you can easily order through our company.
The low weight and our self-supporting hollow aluminum frames simplify the assembly of alluVial light mirrors extremely.
To connect the mirrors, we offer special connecting and assembly brackets. In order to connect several mirrors almost seamlessly we developed a special clip, which also holds mounts.
The following sketches shall give you an idea of the different mounting alternatives.

Adhesive mirror repair tape silver
Cleaning cloth
Mirror clips
Mirror magnet
Threaded rivets in the frame
Eyelets for wall installations


You may ask us for the production of mirrors, processing a substructure, help with the installation, training your employees and the whole installation.
We guarantee an uncomplicated and competent allround service for all requirements and applications, for smallest orders up to mega-projects. Our skilled personnel will support you at all times to realise your ideas.
As world’s largest producer of lightweight mirrors made of reflective foil, we offer a solution for every mirror problem. The mirrors are available in 2- and 4-centimeter profiles, depending on the size and area of application. With their minimal weight, brilliance, non-distortion and non-breakable properties, the lightweight mirrors open up various possible applications for you. Due to the quality of our reflective foil, we are also able to cut circular cutouts into the foil. Completely distortion-free around the cutout.



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Alluvial Mirror Datasheet - EN - PDF

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