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General Information


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Bandraster 75mm - PDF

Bandraster 50mm - PDF

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Deckon Bandraster Ds En

Rockfon Blanka Datasheet - PDF

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Blanka Details

Stone wool tile
Visible side: deep-matt, smooth and super-white painted eece
Rear side: back eece
Durable painted edges

ROCKFON Blanka has a deep-matt, smooth, super-white surface with high light reflection and light diffusion, contributing to energy savings and a bright and comfortable indoor environment.
ROCKFON Blanka’s smooth, non- directional surface reduces installation time and the anti-static surface withstands exposure to worksite dust.
The enhanced surface durability makes ROCKFON Blanka more resistant to dirt and everyday wear and tear, enhancing the product lifetime.

Impact Resistance
Class 3A (Fastening clip)
Impact resistance of ROCKFON Blanka with edge Z or M mounted with fastening clip has been tested in accordance with EN13964 – Annex D and approved as Class 3A.

Reaction to fire

Damp cloth
Wet-scrub resistance Class 1

Fully recyclable

Light re ection and light di usion
87% light re ection >99% light di usion

Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms

Surface durability
Enhanced durability and dirt resistance.

Indoor environment
A selection of ROCKFON products have been awarded

Humidity and sag resistance
Up to 100% RH

Visual appearance
Super-white surface L value: 94.5
Deep matt surface, perfect in critical side-light
Gloss: 0.8% at 85° angle

Rockfon Blanka DOP - PDF

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