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Acoustic Wooden Wall

General Information


Ahşap Duvar Kaplama Sist Plan Kesit Perspektif - Model - PDF

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Deckon Bandraster Ds En

Deckowood Duvar Yutucu Akustik Ahşap Panel Teknik Şartname P4 - Word

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Acoustic wooden wall panels provides solutions with the natural wooden look both for aesthetic and acoustic design needs in areas such as conference halls, congress centres, meeting rooms and lobby etc. Perforated wooden panels are decorative products frequently used for acoustic projects with mid or high sound absorption performance by means of different perforation types. Particularly in places where the entire area is not covered with high sound absorption panels, low sound absorption perforated or unperforated (holeless) panels may also act a sound reflector.

DeckoWood Acoustic Wooden Wall Details

Panel Type                     MDF with melamine lamination, MDF with natural wood veneer, MDF with lacquered paint

Panel Dimension         600 x 1200 mm

                                            300 x 600 mm
                                            350 x 1200 mm
                                            Panel thickness; 8 – 10 – 12 – 18 mm.

Carrier System              Box profile construction, tongue-groove panels on wooden frame or barsak system

Perforation                      Ø1 mm. / Ø4 mm. / Ø6 mm. / Ø8 mm. / Ø10 mm.

                                              2 mm. / 3 mm. / 4 mm. striped (slotted) fronct facade

                                              Ø8 mm. / Ø10 mm. perforated back facade

Color                                   If MDF particle board then production can be made at any colour and design selected from the                                                         chart or wooden coating on MDF

Acoustic fabric                Local, Soundtex, Royalini lantor imported acoustic and fireproof fabric options

Quality Certificates       TSE, CE

Ahşap Duvar Kaplama Sist Plan Kesit Perspektif - DWG

Deckowood Duvar Yutucu Akustik Ahşap Panel Teknik Şartname P2L2 - Word

Deckowood Duvar Yansıtıcı Akustik Ahşap Panel Teknik Şartname P0L1 - Word

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